Born August 16,  2017



Dino-mite Blue of insightout
insightout's Full of Grace

Wyeth stirs pleasant emotions just like his namesake's paintings.  Andrew Wyeth mastered the transfer of depth and love. Little Wyeth follows his example to a tee.  Wyeth is majectic and regal in his demeanor and loving and loyal in spirit.  He is devoted and determined in his every endeavor.  Wyeth is truly a masterpiece.

Grand Champion Grandsired Midwest's Blue Steel Colt .45

We breed our dogs for health & temperament.  We strive to place our puppies in a good match home.  A good fit means a successful, happy life for the puppy, the caregiver and the Olde English Bulldogge breed.


Dual registered IOEBA & NBA.  UTD puppy shots.  Health guaranteed .