Born March 9, 2014













insightout's Black Jack
insightout's Lil' Audrey


Nelson is equal parts heart, happiness, fun, intelligence playfulness and curiosity. He's a hoot!  He keeps us laughing.  He keeps us on our toes.  When he sleeps, I think he dreams up all new rules for old games and new games for old rules just to keep us guessing!  Everyday is a happy day.  He's our master of ceremony most days.  We love it!  Because Nelson is so stinkin' cute on top of so stinkin' smart  he stays ahead of us without much ado! Indeed a charmer.

We breed our dogs for health & temperament.  We strive to place our puppies in a good match home.  A good fit means a successful, happy life for the puppy, the caregiver and the Olde english Bulldogge breed. 


Nelson - IOEBA registered.  UTD puppy shots.  Health guaranteed .