Born March 9, 2014






insightout's Black Jack
insightout's Lil' Audrey


Knox is a peace lover, tree hugger puppy.   He is always calm, comfortable and self assured. His consistent and dependable temperament gives him the comfortable ease to love, love, love and love some more!  He's a lover.  He loves to love and be loved.   He is easy peazy with no worries.  He will do whatever you want to do  - go, stay, sleep, play , eat, inside, outside - it doesn't matter, you name it and he is down with the plan!   Knox watches and learns very quickly.  He strives to please, hardly ever whines or cries and finds persuasive  strength in the power of his calmness. Knox is a tried and true snuggle buddy.

We breed our dogs for health & temperament.  We strive to place our puppies in a good match home.  A good fit means a successful, happy life for the puppy, the caregiver and the Olde English Bulldogge breed.   

Knox - IOEBA registered.  UTD puppy shots.  Health guaranteed .