Born December 13, 2015




Dino-mite Blue of insightout
insightout's Dottie Leigh

Julana is an absolute doll baby.   She's the only girl in the litter.  She is independent and sassy.  Julana stands her ground and holds her own with 5 brothers by outsmarting them!   She is ever bit as sweet and cuddly as she is tough.  Although she is a big girl and loves her vittles, she chooses love and snuggle over the chow line.  

insightout breeds our dogs for health & temperament.  We strive to place our puppies in a good match home.  A good fit means a successful, happy life for the puppy, the caregiver and the Olde English Bulldogge breed.  

Julana - IOEBA .  UTD puppy shots.  Health guaranteed .