Born August 16,  2017




Dino-mite Blue of insightout
insightout's Grace

Brimstone was the first born.  He is the biggest boy in the bunch.  Brimstone  confidently leads the pack with sweet persuasion.    He is quick to catch on and teaches his littermates his new skills of navigating the doggie door, playing chase, playing tug-o-war  and racing to the dinner bowl!

Grand Champion Grandsire Midwest's Blue Steele Colt .45

Brimstone is such a smart, sweet beautiful boss!

We breed our dogs for health & temperament.  We strive to place our puppies in a good match home.  A good fit means a successful, happy life for the puppy, the caregiver and the Olde English Bulldogge breed.


Dual registered IOEBA & NBA.  UTD puppy shots.  Health guaranteed .