Updates From Bulldog Happy Homes

We always love to hear from our previously produced puppies families.  It is so awesome our families make time to send  updates and photos of their beloved Olde English Bulldogges as they grow.  Thank you all for sharing.

Bobbye and Dave,

Just a few lines to say "Hi."

We've been busy with work, I in an accounting office and this is our busiest time of the year, Tax time!

We still find time to play though! Our smart, beautiful Maxx is just an amazing puppy! He is still growing and learning new things.

            He is sooo loved!


Here are some new pictures.

Hope all of you are doing well.



Regards,  Gabriela, Levi & Maxx :)


Hi, Dave and Bobbye!

Thought we’d drop you a line and let you know that Taylor and Gibson are doing great and we feel so blessed to have them both in our lives. They are best friends and Gibson can’t go very far without Taylor right behind him.

They seem to be doing great with the raw food, although we haven’t gone completely raw yet. We are giving them each about ¼ scoop of Taste of the Wild and the rest raw food and we’re talking about going all raw next time around.  We thought we’d contact you and see if you were up for another grinding party. We really appreciate you helping us last time and we feel like we’re doing all we can to give them the healthiest lives possible.

How are things at Insightout? We hope all the dogs are doing well and your family is doing great.  We’ll talk soon.


Jamie, Stacey, Gibson, and Taylor



Well we are finally sending some pictures of Bear and his new little sister Ziggy along with Oreo.

Bear is doing great.  What a big lovable bear he is, he just loves to be with you all the time, He has his own chair, he took mine with Oreo, and spends mornings with me on his chair. He is growing very nicely about 22 inches tall probably 60-65 lbs.

We had a time with him when Oreo came into heat last month, she will be ready in August, it will be her third heat. We had to stop looking at puppies because we always would find one more we just had to have.   

Hope all is well with you.  We will keep in touch and send some more pictures on Bear’s birthday.






Just a note to let you know Beatrix (aka Gizelle) is doing great! She is beautiful and sweet and everyone who meets her wants to know where I got her! I have recommended you to several people who are interested in bulldogs because of Bea’s great personality. Attached is a photo of her. Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy!





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