Two Olde English Bulldogge Puppies - One Home

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun.

Congratulations to the Kitchen family and their two new bulldogge family members, Dozer & Cooter.  insightout is proud to share another Happy Home,  It is always a special treat when a family is geographically close enough to visit insightout Kennel.  We have really enjoyed spending time with Mark, Shelley and their three children, Corbin, Colton & Carlee .  

Dozer (a.k.a. Misha) & Cooter (a.k.a. Tempie) are very lucky bulldog puppies.


We are happy to hear the transition for these two bulldogge puppies from our home to yours is going well.  Thank you for sharing ....

We have all made our adjustments just fine. As expected, the first couple of nights were challenging. Dozer(Misha) and Cooter(Tempie) finally managed to convince me that they would be just fine as long as I slept next to them. After a couple of restless nights, we all managed to figure each other out a little better. By Saturday night, we were all on board. The bulldogges and family are now sleeping peacefully for the majority of the night.
Our entire family is enjoying each and every new moment with both of our precious baby boys. We took bulldogs in for their wellness check on Tuesday. Everything checked out to the T.  Our vet, Dr. Webb and his entire staff were very impressed with our Olde English Bulldogge puppies. 
As for their names........ Everyone in the family had names in mind. Choosing names without giving the boys a chance to show some characteristics seemed a bit unfair. As we made it thru our first week, both of our baby bulldogs definitely did not disappoint. Dozer(Misha) has earned his name from all of the rocks and sand he loves playing in. He is quite the stout little boy, weighing in @ 13.8 lb at his wellness check. Dozer is not afraid to "push" his weight around! Cooter(Tempie) has earned his name from being the mischievous one. It might sound a little quirky at first, but after watching him, it just really seemed to fit him. He loves to instigate playtime with Dozer, as well as our big baby bulldogge girl, Sofee. Cooter weighed in @ 13.5lb at his wellness check. 

Both bulldog puppies have done remarkably well with their appetites, potty breaks, and adjusting to Sofee. 

They are both just really outstanding and a real pleasure.

Our big, Olde English Bulldogge baby, Sofee, has been amazing in adjusting to them as well. She hasn't shown any signs of jealousy, aggressiveness or acting out. Both Dozer and Cooter have tried their best to "keep up with her."  She plays with them  in a kind and loving manner, not too overpowering, not to rough. Once they do finally manage to "catch her off guard,"  a quick little spin and a hop or two and they are off to chasing her again!

We are truly appreciative of you opening your door to us. You both have been outstanding in making our family feel welcome. We do hope that all has gone smoothly with Dozer and Cooter's siblings finding their new homes to be as happy as ours. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Please be sure to give all of your "family" a big hug from us all, especially special hugs from Dozer and Cooter's  Mommy and Daddy. 






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