Life in Maine with an Olde English Bulldogge

Louie  A.K.A  Amador with Gard Deletetsky and family in Lewiston


It's been a while since we last spoke so I wanted to drop a line and update you. Louie is growing like a weed and has been quite a handful!  It has all been worth it of course!

We're nearly finished our puppy training course and although he can be stubborn we have been diligent in our efforts. When he wants to cooperate he shines!


On a side note, he is by far the best looking puppy around. He melts hearts when he walks into a room wherever we go.  People absolutely love him!


Housebreaking him is proving to be a challenge, when I take him outside he relieves himself but is still working on telling us "when" he has to go. I'm confident he will get it soon. Other than tormenting the cat he is a real pleasure. Loves to cuddle and chew on things, he's become accustomed to his bones and other chew toys. We just have to be careful of anything else he might consider a toy.


I've had him micro chipped which makes me feel a bit better in case he ever finds a way to wander off.  


My family loves him, he can be a frustrating little puppy at times but that's just Louie being a typical puppy. 


I'm still keeping with the raw organic diet but he does get a treat every now and then which may just be a regular treat from the drive thru at the bank. They're few and far between so I don't mind at all.


Thanks so much for an absolutely beautiful dog. With the training and consistency I think he will grow into an excellent mature fellow. I hope you have an amazing weekend.


Talk to you soon!

Best,  Gard




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