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Working Together

Exchange for Healthy Companions   This weekend insightout had a nice treat.  For the first time we had a previously placed puppy come back for a visit and her family convert their companions to insightout’s raw meat diet.    Jamie & Stacey Gillis brought Taylor with them from Arlington Saturday for a raw meat grinding party at insightout, an enjoyable party indeed.  The sampling of several different beer choices and cookie choices from Collin Street Bake ...

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Raw Feeding Video

From  insightout Kennel We are committed to empowering our visitors with information and knowledge on how to feed their canine companions naturally.  We have seen what a difference raw feeding has made in the health and well being of our dogs.   ...

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Taylor aka Klea

Jamie & Stacey Gillis - Ft Worth, TX January 13, 2012   Hi Bobbye, We are finding ourselves in a pretty nice routine around our house these days. We are getting so much joy out of the dogs, and they out of each other! It’s so great for Gibson to have someone to play with now that he is back to being healthy and energetic, and Taylor just LOVES him. She follows him wherever he goes and has learned to “paw” at the door when she needs to go out by watching him ...

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Keep Your Dog Trim

 For Health and Longevity   Keeping your pet trim is the one most important thing you can do to improve health and increase life span. Over weight puppies have too much stress on their joints. A puppy’s joints are not developed well enough to carry extra weight. The excessive weight will stretch developing ligaments allowing the joints to loosen which may add to degenerative joint disease later, especially in larger breeds. The extra weight in adult dogs stresses the entir ...

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Maxx aka Zorro

Gabriella & Levi Maja - Fort Collins, CO September 14, 2011   Thank you Bobbye and Dave! You have given us thru Maxx, aka Zorro, much happiness and joy. He is absolutely beautiful in every sense. We both spent days off from work with him and he is just great! Playful, loving, smart, very funny and eager to please. We will definitely keep you in touch with his journey with us and we'll let everyone know where he is coming from.   You've don ...

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