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Wonders of Raw Feeding

An Amazing Difference At insightout we are constantly looking to improve the health of our dogs. Emmett, our boy who first motivated us to research diet, is getting up in years. He is an English bulldog mix with many orthopedic problems.   Emmett has hip dysplasia in both hips and repaired torn cruciate ligaments in both knees. Emmett received a total hip replacement in his left hip at the tender age of two. During the following years we traveled to Europe several times to visit our son sta ...

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For Fear and Anxiety

The Thundershirt Really Works Emmett has always been afraid of thunder and lightning, gunshots and fireworks.  His anxiety during a thunderstorm has kept us up many, many nights.  Emmett's noise anxiety issue is so severe that he has uncontrollable  trembling  and heavy panting for hours at a time.  Anytime the skies start to rumble we turn on music or the TV in an attempt to drown out the troubling noise.   We are not ones to buy gimmicky type products.  Wh ...

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Beans and cornbread make suppertime much more enjoyable for me and for the bulldogs!  insightout's Olde English Bulldogge puppies enjoy eating on the terrace southern style.  Mealtime is always a happy time.  Join us!     ...

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Internet Etiquette - Staying Human

The Internet is essential to doing business at insightout Studio and Kennel. We are located in rural East Texas. Our area substantially restricts our kennel and studio business.  The Internet connects us to the rest of the world.  This connection is indispensible, but also can be cold and indifferent.  It is all too easy to lose humanity in the anonymous nature of the World Wide Web format. Because we are not face-to-face via the Internet, it appears to excuse some of us from personal ...

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Connecting with Prospective Puppy Owners

Insightout Kennel Offers Their Perspective on Connecting with Prospective Puppy Owners Despite the Distance that Separates Them Insightout Kennel owners describe how they use a three-part puppy placement approach to bring a distant family as close as possible. Frankston, Texas (PRWEB) January 25, 2012 Insightout Kennel is currently placing their latest litter of Olde English Bulldogge puppies in new homes. Because their puppies have been placed in homes around the world, the owner ...

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