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Snake Bite: SimpleTwo-Part Solution to Protect Your Bulldog

    Several species of snakes enjoy the lush, green paradise of East Texas as much as our Olde English Bulldogges.  Last spring we had five snakebites to four bulldogs.  We are thankful that even though multiple bulldogs have been bitten by snakes, we have never lost a dog to a snakebite.   It is a fact: No snakes, no snakebites   Although many products on the market today claim to keep snakes at bay, we have not found any magic solution tha ...

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Homing Harper at Two.

insightout Kennel strives to contribute to the betterment of the Olde English Bulldogge breed by only breeding  dogs that are within the OEB breed standards.  Harper (renamed Stryker) unfortunately grew 5 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than IOEBA standards.  We sought a pet placement home without breeding rights to preserve the integrity of this magnificent breed.  insightout Kennel does not believe that bigger and bolder is better.  With ethical and responsible breeding pra ...

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Updates From Bulldog Happy Homes

We always love to hear from our previously produced puppies families.  It is so awesome our families make time to send  updates and photos of their beloved Olde English Bulldogges as they grow.  Thank you all for sharing. Bobbye and Dave, Just a few lines to say "Hi." We've been busy with work, I in an accounting office and this is our busiest time of the year, Tax time! We still find time to play though! Our smart, beautiful Maxx is just an amazing ...

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Life in Maine with an Olde English Bulldogge

Louie  A.K.A  Amador with Gard Deletetsky and family in Lewiston   It's been a while since we last spoke so I wanted to drop a line and update you. Louie is growing like a weed and has been quite a handful!  It has all been worth it of course! We're nearly finished our puppy training course and although he can be stubborn we have been diligent in our efforts. When he wants to cooperate he shines!   On a side note, he is by far the best looking pup ...

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Olde English Bulldogge

Bogie Blue takes a stroll.    Olde English bulldogges make the best friends.  They are smart , loyal and loving.  They are strong and gentle.  Bulldogs are just the perfect size for cruising around with.  They all absolutely love to go.  Bulldogs are so endearing and wonderfully goofy.   They are easy travel buddies that are just plain fun to be around.  Join us for a stroll in the park with Bogie Blue man.        ...

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